Terms of Use


Article1. Application

1 This agreement is aimed to define the relationship of rights and duties of between Lift Inc. and user , which can be applied for everything regarding use of "this service". (refer to Article2)
2 Rules and requirements, etc we publish on "this website" (refer to Article2) at all times consist of a part of this agreement.

Article 2. Definition

For purpose of this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
(1) "intellectual property right” means copy right, trademark right, imagine right and intellectual right of use.
(2) "this website" means the webiste having a domain that is "https://career-picker.com/" we organize including the case we would change the domain or contents of webite in future regardless of reasons.
(3) "resitration applicants" means it is defined on article3.
(4) "resistration info" means it is defined on article3.
(5) "resistered users" means the person who is registered as a user under article 3.
(6) "this service" means resistration for a membership, apply for position, function of searching job, contents service, function of making a resume (In case the service name would be change regardless of any reasons, that's also included.)
(7) "service contract" means it is under this agreement come into existence between our company and resistered user.

Article 3. Resistration

(1)The person who is willing to use this service (it is called "resistration applicants" as follows) would consent to this agreement and is able to apply for the resistration of this service by offering some info we provide (it is called "resistration info" as follows) to us with ways decided by us.
(2)We judge whether to permit the resitration of resistration applicants can be approve. And in case we accept it, we inform you, which means you have done to signed up for it as a resistered users.
(3)When finished the resistration provided previous article, the usage subscription become valid between resitration user and us, restration user is available to use our service by ways we provided.
(4)We would decline to let user signs up for this service if he or she is come under following below.
(1) The case resistration info would be a false,clerical error and omission.
(2) The case user would be under age, adult ward or under curatorship and doesn't have an agreement from legal representative,curator, assistant.
(3) The case we judge user would be a member of anti-social forces such as gang, right‐wing organization and organization which is likely to be it,etc.) or to cooperate or be involved with anti-social forces thoughrout funding or something.
(4)The case we judge user should not be appropriate with our own thought.

Article 4. The change of resitration info

A resitration user is supposed to modify resitration info without any delay with ways we provide in case there would be something change concering resistration info. And resistration user is suppoed to submit some documents which can be evidence when we require.

Article 5. Password and management of ID

1. A resistration user is supposed to manage and keep the password and user ID on one's own responsibility. Additionally, a resistration user is not allowed to rent,transfer, change of name and trade, etc.
2. We have no responsibility regarding suffer damage due to user's insufficient manage , mistake , and usage of the third person. User sould make up for it at that time.
3. A resistration user has to inform us in case user's ID would be stolen or utilized by a third person right away. And is supposed to obey our instructions.

Article 6. Fee

A resistration user is able to use this service for free. However we do not assure a resistration user can avail it for free in the future as well. In advance, We could provide all or some of consideration after notification to resistration user. We won't charge without any agreement of resistration user.

Article 7. Utilization of this service

1. A resitration user is able to use this service within the range of purpose of this agreement as long as you are supposed to be a valid user.
2. A preparation and maintainance of necessary stuff such as, computer , software and other gadgets are duties for resistration user.

Article 8. Prohibitation

1. A restration user prohibit to do following acts in availing this service.
(1) To invade a intellectual property right, portrait right, pricacy, honor, other right and benefit of ourselves and other user of this servise including directly or indirectly to give rise to do that.
(2) To do things connected with a criminal act or against public policy
(3) To send some info with regard to going steady
(4) To send computer virusor other harmful computer programs ,etc.
(5) To do things which obstruct our services
(6) Others, we assume it would be inappropriate.
2. We are able to delete all or some of the info without any notifications to resistration users when we judge that sending something info of users would come under article.8.We have no responsibility if user would suffer the loss of our action we do based on this article.

Artcicle 9. Stopping a service

1. We are able to stop providing all or some of our services without any notifications to resistration users when user would come under the following things.
(1) In case we periodically or urgently carry out systems inspection and maintenance work related to this services.
(2) In case computer would be stopped owing to the accident like disruption of communications
(3) In case we would not able to operate due to unavoidable occurrences such as fire, electricity failure, freak of nature
(4) Others, in case we would judge we need to cut off
2. We could stop providing this services on our own convenience.In the case of this, we would inform resistration users in advance.
3. We have no responsibility if user would suffer the loss of our action we do based on this article.

Article 10. Application consideration regarding download

We have no responsibility for any damage you suffer from our website in downloading or installing software with other way, such as loss or change of users owend info, breakdown and so on. Therefore you must take care of doing those things.

Article 11. Posting on a design

1. A resistration user should assure the posts, contents, statements, image, movie and other data user send don't harm intellectual property right and benefits of a third person. If it would not be true, we charge resistration user a damage we suffer owing to it.
2. A resistration user is supposed to agree the other conditions a third pesrson presents when resistration user post or send a design.
3. A resistration user is supposed to do things like a orientation and presentation concering a your post or send if we order.

Article 12. Vesting

1. All ownership rights and intellectual property right of our website and services attribute to us and the person who grants. Permission for use based on the resistration provided by this agreement doesn't mean the licensing we or the person who grants to us.
2. We are able to freely utilize statements, images, movie and other data you send for free including copy ,modification, re-grant to a third person and any usage on this website and this service.
3. We are able to freely provide resistration info of user to a third person.

Article 13. Deregistration

1. We are able to stop providing services temporarily to a relevant resistration user and cancel the user's resistration as a resistration user without any notifications if a resistration user would correspond with following things.
(1) In case resistration user would violate the either article
(2) In case there would be the false in resistration info
(3) In case it would be concerned with article 3 or 4.
(4) Others, in case we would judge that person is not be apprecable to sustainably avail our service.
2. In case it would come under the previous article, a resistration user would normally lose benefits we provide and has to pay for all debts for us immediately.
3. We have no responsibility if user would suffer the loss of our action we do based on this article.
4. Resistation user enable to cut off the resistration as a user with a notification we provide.

Article 14. Disclaimer of warranties and Responsibility

1. We never ensure any kind of loss for a resistration user like the possibility of a commercial use and so on regardless of express or implied.In addition, in case a resistration user would get the other resistration info directly or indirectly from us, we neve give an assurance to resistration user beyond the provided contents on this article.
2. The things not assured on previous article include following below though this is not limited.
3. A resistration user should inspect whether availing our services violate a law and some of the internal rules on the industry with your own responsibility and costs. We never ensure that our services is perfectly adopt to the rules and a law related with a resistration user.
4. We have no responsibility for any kind of deals, contacts,conflicts between each resitration users or a third person on this website, and resistration user is supposed to solve and do with those problems.
5. We have no responsibility to pay for the loss of a resistration user caused by abeyance,discontinuance,stop, disappearance of message or info, break down and so on.
6. We have no responsibility if a resistration user would suffer from the link to other website posted on our website.

Article 15. Dispute settlement and Claim for loss

1. A resistariton user must claim for loss in case you damage us in availing this service by committing a transgression.
2. We have no responsibility for a loss of a resistration user in using this service.Besides, by adopting a consumer contracts law or other reasons, in case we have a liability for damages, it would be 10,000 yen at most.

Article 16. Confidential nature

1. The meaning of "confidential info" on this article are an usage subscription, our technique, sales, duties,finance,organization and other info provided or disclosed by any documents or orality and so on of us.However, those following info provided on either article are deselected from confidential info.
(1) A info would be already on public or known when we provide or disclose.
(2) After being provided or disclosed from us, it would become a paper publication or others due to grounds not attributable to him or her.
(3) A info regally and properly gotten without any confidentiality obligations from a third person.
(4) A info invented by oneself without confidential info.
(5) A info confirmed by us without any confidentiality obligaions
2. A resistration user avail confidential info only for our services and you have a duty not to provide and disclose condifential info at all.
3. Regardless of article 2, a resistration user is able to disclose it based on the order or requirement of a law, court, government. However you need to inform us at that time right away.
4. A resistration user has to obey our instructions without any delay and return or dispose a confidential info, documents and including it and a recording medium or other duplicate in any case we require.

Article 17. Valid term

A usage subscription is validly lasting till when user license would be deleted from the day when a resistration is done between a resitration user and us.

Article 18. Change of this agreement

1. We freely enable to change the contents of this service.
2. We enable to change this agreements including the rules posted on the website.In case we change this agreement, we smoothly publish the concerned changed contents or notify to you. After we notify or publish it, we regard you as you agree it if you cancel out a resistration or avail as always during provided term.

Article 19. Contact/Notification

Any kind of notifications, such as an inquiry regarding this service, a contact to us from a resistration user, and regarding the change of this agreement shall be carried out with ways provided by us.

Article 20. Alienation

1. A resistration user is prohibited to convey,translate, collateral setting and discard anything without an approval to a third person due to the rights and duties based on this agreement and a post on this contract.
2. In case we would convey this service, we are able to convey the client's info to a related Assignee, plus we consider a resistration user would agree it in advance with this article.This ailenation is including any situation,for instance, a company split and so on.

Article 21. Sepation possibility

Even though a part of this agreement would happen to be regarded as invalid or unenforceable,judging from consumer contracts law or other realted one, the rest of this agreement continually shall have effects. We and a resistration user are supposed to endeavor to let that valid by modifying on the range of necessity economically and legally.

Artcile 22. Survival clause

Some of provisions that will be valid after a termination of a contract as well shall have effect. However we have an obligation of confidentiality only for 3yrs after a termination of a contract.

Artcile 23. Applicable law and competent court

Applicable law of this agreement is in accordance with Japanese law and any conflicts caused by this service shall be held at Tokyo District Court as an exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.

Article 24. Council resolution

In case the trouble caused by interpretations of this agreement would happen, we muturally resolve it in accordance with the principles of good faith by negotiations.
Tetsuhito Sugimura, President,
Dec.1, 2016